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usa Today bestselling author

virginia nelson

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Billionaire Romance!

She’ll do anything for a story…

Everyone thinks Emery Harris has it made—popular romance author, wears pajamas all day, has a great dog—but the truth is her sales sucked for her last two releases. She needs something trendy and hot to give her career a jumpstart before it all falls apart. Enter the sexy idea of writing about a billionaire. To write the book that will salvage her career and dreams, she needs to get close to the makeup god and see how he ticks.

He’ll do anything to keep his private life secret…

After a bad breakup, Alfie Williams isn’t looking for love. He’s looking to stay out of the spotlight, but the marriage of his twin has him right in the bullseye of press’s attention. Since his heart has been grated in the past for the purpose of a quick buck, he’ll do anything to protect himself now. He’ll even try out a no-strings, no-attachments fling with the sexy woman he met at an event.

A romance worth writing about…

Although they’d planned for only fun and games, once Emery begins to scrape past Alfie’s playboy façade, she finds a man worth knowing. What will he think, though, this billionaire who loves his privacy above all else, when he finds out she’s planned to tell the world his secrets all along?